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                                                                                      There is nothing quite as relaxing as our Art Relaxation workshops.
There is no need to be 'artistic' in order to have fun creating something new and uniquely yours. 
Each workshop begins with a Breathing Exercise which assists participants to bring their focus into themselves and away from external events. We then lead into a Guided Meditation aimed towards total relaxation.
The rest of the workshop is spent creating art in various mediums. This could be soft pastel drawing, pencil &/or marker drawing, charcoal drawing, painting, collage, clay or any other form of art that suits a particular group. The emphasis of each workshop is having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. The focus is on the enjoyment of the creative process. There is no judgement or critique of participant’s technical abilities, only encouragement of their participation.

Our workshops offer a quiet space and time of reprieve during your busy, stressful life. We also offer you the benefits of a set of skills that you can take with you into your daily life.

Whenever we create anything, something happens to us. It isn't just that we form something new that wasn't there before. We actually experience changes in our bodies, minds, and spirits. These changes help us put aside our concerns and enable us to better cope with the stressors in our lives.

  When we make art, we tap into our creativity and into a meditative space, no matter what we are creating. We also ignite healing and peaceful responses in our bodies.

   For our physical and mental health, everyone should be making art every day. All we need is to choose an art form, find a space to create and make art.”

Making art can become a healing time, a step into a retreat space, or a way to take a mental break, in order to return to the everyday world refreshed and energised.

Inside each of us there is a child who loves to create –
let your child out to have some fun!

Minimum number of participants required to book a Workshop is 3 people so get a couple of friends together and call 0402 643 555 today to book a date for your group.
Cost of 3 hour Workshop is $75 per person & includes all materials.

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